Prop Work


God Of War 3 Orb chest game model UDK 2012

-A game model I made for fun that could feel right at home in a God of War game.

-Game mesh is 5000 tris, texture is 1024x1024


DOTA 2 Costume Sets PC 2013

-I did not model the characters but I did make the costume sets to go into the valve store

-All sets consisted of between 4 to 5 pieces with 512x512 total texture space for all pieces. It included color, normal, mask1 and mask2

-Game meshes are between 100 to 500 tris per piece. The task also included skinning the meshes.



Borderlands 2 Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC PC, Xbox 360, PS3 2012

I Modeled, textured in a unique Art Style many of the Hero Props for the Borderlands 2 Expansion (UNREAL Engine).




Unannounced game PC 2013

I Modeled, textured all the main weapons for the game in 1st and 3rd perspective view for the UNREAL Engine 3




Twin Skies - PC 2009

-I Modeled and textured (Hand painted) weapons, buildings, plants and all the "hero" props for the game