Environment Work


Unannounced game PC 2013

I created FPS multiplayer levels in the UNREAL 3 Engine from graybox to finish. Including: Asset creation/ texturing

in a set art style, world building, lighting, FX, and Master Sharer Creation


Sorcery PS3 Move 2012

I Worked heavily in UNREAL Engine on world building, composition of the environments including many of the game's Vistas. I worked with lead designers as a team and executed the creation of maps to their specifications.
I Modeled and textured (diffuse, specular, mask, normal etc.) assets to populate environments.


Disney Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales Wii 2010

I worked on several levels and major props.


Hero Pets (Canceled) PC

I Created 3D art assets and backgrounds for the game.